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April 14, 2004

Wanna Carpool to BloggerCon2 ?

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exit  I’d really like to attend BloggerCon II this weekend, but my body is just not up to being behind the wheel from Schenectady to Cambridge (too darn much weblogging, again).  Is anyone going to be near Albany/ Schenectady on the New York Thruway heading to the Conference?  Maybe we could carpool (don’t worry, ethical Esq, haikuEsq, and Prof. Yabut only take up one collective seat).

Speaking of BG2, John Palfrey pointed tonight to a Christian Science Monitor article about the conference: “Blogs: here to stay — with changes,” by Gregory M. Lamb, 04-05-2004, which has some interesting observations on the weblog phenomenon.

Lamb talked to Rebecca Blood of rebecca’s pocket about building a reputation through one’s weblog:

Although making a living just blogging is nearly impossible, a blog can have a great deal of career value by demonstrating one’s expertise and writing skills, thus serving as a “reputation builder,” Blood says by phone from San Francisco. “You can quickly establish yourself as an expert in your field by becoming a kind of one-stop source for information.”  (emphasis added)

Earlier this week, of course, we mentioned Rebecca in two posts — quoting from her book and paraphrasing her, too — on the same topic.  I wonder what she thinks about turnkey services like lexBlog‘s as reputation-builders?   [Okay, I promise to stay off this topic for a few hours — unless I hear from Rebecca.]

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    Comment by Carpool — May 3, 2008 @ 2:27 am

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