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April 17, 2004

Vielen Dank zur GALJ

Filed under: pre-06-2006 — David Giacalone @ 7:17 pm

I just discovered the weblog of the German American Law Journal, which has the following notice in its left-hand margin, with a hyperlink to our post earlier this afternoon:

GALJ does not use ghost-written third-party material. It prefers original weblog content.

What a wonderful idea! (Eine wunderbarische Idee!) . .  !key neg

The weblog is available in English and German versions and its Mission is stated as being “A forum for information sharing in the areas of German and American law, mainly where the two intersect, vary or intrigue.”   Right now, there are several sehr interessant postings on the site, including one on umlaut domain grabbing, and another on abusive cease and desist demands in the internet context.

  • I haven’t studied German in about 35 years, but GALJ might get me to scrape off some of the rust.  Please correct my German usage above, if it needs it.

  • Update (04-18-04): Having just visited the GALJ weblog for the second day, I want to alert all who are interested in internet and hi-tech law (e.g., CyberSpaces,  NetLawBlog, tins/RickKlauLawMeme, John Palfrey, Patently Obviouset al.) to place GALJ on their Favorites list.  In addition to the two topics I cited here yesterday, you can now find a blurb on the futility under German law of Link Disclaimers, and one covering the Supreme Patent Court’s citation to Wiki, when chiding the trademark office for failure to consider current sources in its trademark examinations. 

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