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May 25, 2004

Aging Up: False IDs for the AARP Crowd

Filed under: pre-06-2006 — David Giacalone @ 1:23 pm

All the recent jabber on weblogs about lawyer marketing has left skepticalEsq in an entrepeneurial mood, and he offers this money-making idea for an extra profit-center in your law firm:

birthday cake small  Fake IDs for Baby Boomer and Greatest Generation Birthday Gifts.  These make great gifts for every AARP-ager, but will be especially appreciated by folks who are aging either very gracefully or very poorly. Think how impressed strangers will be, when your faker “proves” that he or she is a decade older than shown on that pesky old original birth certificate or driver’s license!

Immigration and p/i lawyers may already have the necessary machinery in-office; and solos working out of their homes probably have cameras and laminators around the house.  Of course, techie lawyers will be able to help establish electronic IDs for up-agers.

plus key small  We think aging-up is already going on across the nation, but here’s your chance to cash in on it.  Listen to the chatter at office and cocktail parties.  See how often you hear variations on “wow, you don’t look a day over . . . ”  Baby Boomers loved fake IDs as kids.  Their vanity and competitiveness will make Aging-Up irresistible as they see themselves faring poorly on the WPQ (well-preserved quotient).  There’s money to be made here, for the niche-marketing law firm.

  • Disclaimer:  Aging-Up ID services are offered for entertainment and other lawful purposes only.  Obtaining Senior Discounts on a fraudulent basis is considered by the pyj gang to be both tacky and inappropriate. 

P.S.   Do you think Bob Dylan wanted an Aging-Up ID for his 63rd birthday yesterday?  Let’s face it, he looks pretty darn good for 75!

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