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July 26, 2004

Blame Bob

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expect delays     If there’s a significant decrease in lawyer billables this week, blame Bob Ambrogi, who has turned his vaunted compilation skills to the topic of lawyer humor.  See Web Watch: Laughing at Lawyers and the Law (Law Technology News, 07-26-2004)

Like the wise Ambrogi-san, Issa knew the value of laughter: 


swat! swat!
the escaping fly buzzes
with laughter

crawl and laugh–
from this morning on
a two year old!

a flea jumps
in the laughing Buddha’s

[thanks to translator  David G. Lanoue


one-breath pundit  

    • Amen.  Lawyers should stop bemoaning lawyer jokes and humor and enjoy it. [See, e.g., The Simpsons and the Lawyers]

                legalhumor.com or legalhumour.com — “u” decide.  fun places

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