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August 18, 2004

rather be pond sitting

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“laurie garden”
dried-up pond
initials in alder bark
scabbed over
late August –
pushing through cornstalks
midnight raccoons
by Alice Frampton, from the World Haiku Assn website
credits: “dried-up pond” – Haiku Canada Newsletter (June 2001)
“late August” – Honourable mention Betty Drevniok contest 2001

waking at 10 —

noon deadline

a nightmare

[Aug. 18, 2004]

Please join the Sudan Day of Conscience, August 25th [for ideas]

one-breath pundit

    • Check out Plain Language Works for Pro Per Litigants (M. Mindlin & K. McCormick)

      • Most Americans read at 5th Grade level: What does “relinquish your firearms” mean?

    • There’s an argument today at TalkLeft about the appropriateness of hackers jamming Republican websites.  Vandalism is vandalism.

    • Ban on Sex with Clients rejected in Canada.  See CBC News. ethicalEsq concurs. (thanks to W.O. for the pointer)

    • Faced with the bar advocate boycott, Mass. high court okays emergency assignments by courts.

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