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August 21, 2004

toothpicks and teaspoons

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ceiling fan


Barry George is a “recovering lawyer,” who left the profession to pursue his

life-long love of poetry more intensely.  He now teaches at Community College

of Philadelphia, and uses his advocacy skills in a statewide movement to improve

part-time faculty salaries. You’ll see his attention to nature and the details of urban life, you experience Barry’s haiku, which we are honored to offer here at f/k/a. . .


Learn more about Barry at his World Haiku Bio Page.




Making change–

the conductor shifts

his toothpick


from the loose thread:The Red Moon Anthology 2001

(edited by Jim Kacien, and the Red Moon editorial staff).

credit: Modern Haiku XXXII:1




diner night–

the ceiling fan twirling

in our teaspoons


spoon  from  edge of light:  The Red Moon Anthology 2003  

(ed. by Jim Kacian and the Editorial Staff, Red Moon Press, 2004) 

credit: Mainichi Daily News Haiku Contest




sleepless night

she won’t stop

leaving me alone            

                                        [Aug. 21, 2004] 



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