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August 24, 2004

we was robbed

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scream4more  . . .  politics aside, this is brilliant fun.  thank you John Aravosis at AmericaBlog.

(thanks to Fool in the Forest  for a great Munch post & Futurballa‘s Rick Coencas for the pointer)  



broken plum branch–
“They’ve stolen another one!”
he yells

from Kobayashi Issa, translated by David G. Lanoue  

p.s.  First it was Referer Madness, now it FaganFinder’s URL Info.  Thanks a lot, Dennisooh

 one-breath pundit  

    • Prof Grace   Prof. Martin Grace seems too smart to be so wrong about antitrust law and the McCarran-Ferguson Act.  Is this a studied ignorance?  No objective antitrust expert believes antitrust would prevent insurers from sharing loss data.  (See my extensive Comments here.)

      • Which reminds me: why do so many “right-minded” law professors have no Comment function on their weblogs?  For the same reason they fight so many straw men?  

    • Update (Aug. 25, 2004): Prof. Grace has a graceful reply, agreeing with my antitrust analysis, at his weblog today, headlined Studied Ignorance, and dubbing f/k/a  his “first critic!”   This raises a bigger question: How can someone so [er] “eminent” avoid criticism for so long (besides turning off Comments)?   Maybe the Strawmen have a theory.  See additional explanatory comments on data collection and antitrust by me here and there.

    • Update II (Aug. 26, 2004):  This tri-alogue (Wallace, Grace and Giacalone — with a dash of Olson and Copland) continued today, with Wallace and Grace shifting their arguments a bit, but still being outflanked by Giacalone (really).  Check out the new Comments here and here.  Giacalone accuses Grace of FAFOFA — Falsely Accusing Foes Of False Accusations.


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