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August 27, 2004

it’s the humidity

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Key West heat–
the kitchen staff’s
chained bicycles
after the storm
he is rich in umbrellas–
the homeless man
umbrella vert
credits:  “Key West heat” – edge of light; wha; Frogpond XXII:3 (1999)

“after the storm” – wha; Point Judith Light (Fall 1998)

just below

the “riverview apartment”

ten ripe garbage cans

[Aug. 27, 2004]

one-breath pundit

web-weary warrior limps home triumphant

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computer weary  Only weblogs could have produced the whirlwind of argumentative and illuminating give-and-take, and camaraderie, that I’ve experienced the past two days, in a trialogue involving George Wallace of Declarations & Exclusions, Martin Grace of a tort et a travers (yes, it sounds like a dessert at Saratoga Racetrack), and myself.   We even had email input from Overlawyered‘s overseer, Walter Olson, whose WLJ op/ed had inadvertantly fanned the fires.


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tired of feeding
on the horse
the horsefly naps

 from Kobayashi Issa, translated by David G. Lanoue  

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