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August 29, 2004

summer through my fingers

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boy writing flip

summer’s end
waves disappear
beneath the pier



mountain shadow
river water runs
through my fingers


credits: “summer’s end” – Crinkled Sunshine, HSA Members’ Anthology (2000)

“mountain shadow” – Acorn No. 5 (Fall, 2000), in a slightly different version

extra-long shower —

haiku moments

down the drain

                              [Aug. 29, 2004]

one-breath pundit  

    • Julia Child as a “temperamental conservative.”  See StevenTeles.  Why do ideologues reject the notion that basic human virtues reside within both “conservatives” and “liberals”? (via Bainbridge)
    • A Commission has been appointed to study all aspects of how Massachusetts provides legal services to the poor, including the pay of assigned counsel.   It will report findings by Feb. 1. (article, Springfield Republican, Aug, 28, 2004) 
    • Professors Painter and Brickman have completed their Point of Law dialogue on contingency fee reform.  It’s well worth a look.
    • Jim Moore writes well today on the Democrats’ Addiction to the Center.  Can Kerry win by choosing tactics over ideas and authenticity?  Have his tactical choices already doomed his campaign?

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