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August 30, 2004

alice in august

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by Alice Frampton

berry branch flip


sultry afternoon–

biting into

the bargain cheddar


in English-Language Haiku  (Eds: Jim Kacian & Dee Evetts,

Red Moon Press, 2003) credit: The Heron’s Nest III:4



fire-side poetry –
I turn to warm the left side
of my brain


from world haiku & Raw NerVZ Haiku Volume VII No. 3

cheese flip


“MRI negative” —

the same

jolt of pain                        

[Aug. 30, 2004]


one-breath pundit  

    • VeriSign v ICANN antitrust suit rejected — the judge got it right (advice is not control)

    • They ain’t alway high art, but Mad Kane’s News Haikus are always fun.

      • as you know, “haiku” is both a singular and plural noun (Mad’s “Haiku Zoo”?)

    • The Albany, NY, Police Chief doesn’t understand the concept of “criminal intent.” (May It Please the Court takes him to task with its usual thoroughness.)

    • Please don’t forget SaveDafur.org

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