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September 2, 2004

TISK! update

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sleuth  I’ve been  adding almost daily to my Inadvertant Searchee list, and have placed

a direct link to TISK! on the SideBar.  Click here to find out how we did in searches for easy-

admission law schools, “arnold girlie men,” contingency fees, 1-800-Immigration, and yabuts. 

And come again soon to visit the inadvertant searchee (and the katydid)!           


a katydid walking
my hut’s shelf


translated by David G. Lanoue 


p.s. Sibling Sentimentality.  I’ve been missing my brother and sister lately, so

have treated myself to “then and (almost) now” photos of the three of us, and

want to share the smiles.

some plants move in

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    girl's bike

     empty house

some nameless plants

      have moved in


      hard drought

roadside flax blossoms

     made of dust



by Jim Kacian , from Presents of Mind “presents kacian”
                               (Katsura/Red Moon Press, 1996)




Labor Day

the parade starts and ends

at the mall


[Sept. 2, 2004]



one-breath pundit  

The Grand Old Rocky Party

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rep elephant

tired of listening
the man walks away…
cicada on a branch



I like artful wordplay and advocacy, but over-the-top mendacity sets my stomach spinning.

Tonight’s RNC speeches left me with a bad case of agita, and no appetite for political propaganda from either party.  So, I was surprised to find my weary self fully engaged in Christopher Lydon‘s latest post, It’s Rockefeller’s Party (Sept. 1, 2004).  His thoughtful, urgent message on the nature of the Republican Party needs to be considered by everyone interested in the politics and future of our nation. 


The GOP is not the heir to Reaganite conservatism, says Lydon.  It is the Grand Old Rockefeller Party.   This GORP isn’t fueled with raisins, nuts, and seeds grown in the soil of California extremism. [click for the rest of this piece]  


— haiku by Kobayashi Issa, translated by David G. Lanoue  


pawn  rook horiz

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