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September 4, 2004

belabor day

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long deposition scales over
the lawyer’s
“at the risk of repeating myself”

by Barry George

custody hearing

seeing his arms cross

i uncross mine

by Roberta Beary
A New Resonance 2: and pocket change

(both Red Moon Press, 2001)

filing nails

folding briefs

retired lawyer

[Sept. 4, 2004]

one-breath pundit

    • August Vacation? After a whole month, there’s still no reply from the Obama campaign
      on his tort reform position. However, Jeff Berkowitz interviewed Obama’s former
      opponent, Jack Ryan, in May and has the transcript comparing their tort reform
      positions here.

    • David Feige has a thoughtful column at Slate: “Public Offenders:
      Why criminals in Massachusetts are getting out of jail free.” He says only
      a comprehensive public defender system, not one relying so heavily on
      assigned counsel will provide adequate service. We agree (via Talk Left – hot comments!).

    • Quips for Kerry? I think supporter(s) of John Kerry (such as the New Dems) should open a

      Comment section on a website, where other supporters can leave one-liners, slogans,

      capsule arguments, etc., that Kerry might use in this election campaign.

      E.g., “Mr. Bush, tell the Russian middle school victims that nuance is just

      for girlie men;” or “Shoot Now, Think Later is Not a Foreign Policy or a War Plan, Mr. President.”


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