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September 5, 2004

the haiku president

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Steve Minor of SW Va Law Blog salvaged a far-too-serious Saturday night for me, with an email concerning our 43rd President’s love of haiku.  [Read Pres. Bush’s actual remarks in 2001 and our reaction, here]


yin yang  

the great lord
forced off his horse…
cherry blossoms


the great lord’s wood fire



                    by Kobayashi Issa,

      translated by David G. Lanoue 


no hot water

no fog

on the mirror


                                        [Sept. 5, 2004] 


one-breath pundit

    • Why don’t more partners do pro bono work?  D.C. Bar President asks “Where Have all the Partners gone?” (Washington Lawyer, Sept-Oct. 2004; should be online any day now)

    • Also, Plagiarism & the Law  (Washington Lawyer, Sept-Oct. 2004)

    • Springfield Mass. newspaper calls on boycotting assigned counsel to start taking cases, and Legislature to find a solution, including higher pay. (Springfield Sentinel, Sept. 5, 2004).

      • “We agree that these lawyers should be paid more for their work, but their decision to simply refuse cases is only making a bad situation worse.”

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