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September 9, 2004

Shakespeare and Lawyers and Google and I

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   theater king 

                        TAKE, O take those el-lips-es away,
                                 . . . that do mislead the morn!

                                            my queries bring again

                                                      search’d in vain,
                                                     Search’d in vain!

                                                                                                                       (with apologies to W. Shakespeare)


Dear Mr. Google:


I’m irked.  I count on your search engines to help get my message

to the masses.  Oft times have I praised the wise placement my words

receive in your search results.  However, this time you’ve Goofled

big time, and it’s those damn ellipses that have done me in.


On the one hand, it’s great that the query

places my essay Shakespeare and Lawyers in the fourth spot out of

almost 100,000 results.


On the other hand, your synopsis gives the totally wrong impression

of my theme, which is that lawyers and bar groups have been misinforming

the public about the meaning of Shakespeare’s quote on killing lawyers. 


To wit, your blurb says:

f/k/a . . . .: Shakespeare and Lawyers
Shakespeare and Lawyers. In fact, the famous quote from Shakespeare is

not a criticism of lawyers, but actually is the greatest possible compliment.

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             fractured poetry inspired by my sylvan friend joker neg

’cause and ’cause

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crow flip

empty baseball field

a dandelion seed floats through

the strike zone


in the empty parking lot

a crow caws and caws

who knows why


(Brooks Books, 2000) 


laundry day

more steps

than last week


                                                       [Sept. 9, 2004]

one-breath pundit  

    • should lawyers be held to higher standards than journalists, pols?  (or telephone companies?) your editor answers UCL, right here.

   dandelion flip

speaking of UCL, here’s a bonus haiku from Prof. Swede:


the son who

argues everything

I study his face

in a puddle

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