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September 13, 2004

the Bar vs. the Bard’s Barb, part ii

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This time, the lawyers are killing Shakespeare — by twisting the meaning of his famous quote “First thing we do, let’s kill  all the lawyers.”  (King Henry VI, Part II, IV, ii ).  It’s barbaric!  [click here for the rest of this post]

   joker vert   


fans of autumn

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long before daybreak
the local rooster
starts warming up

rooster sil

autumn field–
two sides of the same flock
taking off, landing

credits:  “autumn field” – black bough 14 (2000); wha

            “long before” tinywords (2003/09/05)

a breeze! 

a draft!

the window fan stirs debate     


                                                 [Sept. 13, 2004] 



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