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September 16, 2004

journey the attorney?

Filed under: pre-06-2006 — David Giacalone @ 12:49 pm

Like Evan Schaeffer, I’ve been wondering how Ernie‘s coping with Ivan and hoping he’s

not in Da Nile, Da Mississippi, nor Da Gulf of Mexico.  Adjourneyed attorney?


Here’s a couple haiku from ex-lawyer Barry George to buoy Attorney Svenson’s spirits



His Honor’s glasses
clouding over…
adjourned for snow 

autumn sun–
the lawyer carries home
a pumpkin


canoeing pair small


ceo and counsel

deposit their checks —

pensioner gets none      


                                                 [Sept. 16, 2004, for bjg] 

one-breath pundit

  • Slandered Shakespeare Update:  Our attempts to straighten out Google and the lawyer propaganda

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    post moved into third place, and our dual citing to a similarly-themed article from the The Ethical Spectacle 

    seems to have nudged it into the #1 position, ahead of some tripe from the Okla. Bar.

  • Here’s a little more proof that weblogs with a few links get undue weight in Google Searches:  based on one

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