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September 19, 2004


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piano practice

in the room above me

my father shouting


piano keys


autumn breeze

the new smell

of my red jacket



from A New Resonance 2: Emerging Voices in English-Language Haiku “piano practice” – Woodnotes #31


caught hiding the stash –



                                           [Sept. 19, 2004]



one-breath pundit  

    • Sartorial snub from BigMedia?  Not one weblogger is featured in the Men’s Fashion 2004 edition  blazer neg 

       of NYT Magazine  (Sept. 19, 2004) — despite him, him, him, him, and many other deserving candidates.

    • Although they’ve expanded the Obama Jobs & Economy Issues page, we still have no reply concerning

      Barack’s stand on tort reform.  Hey, B.O., Google Obama +”tort reform“> and see what’s #1.

    • Speaking of Google results, how the heck is f/k/a #1 in a Google search of we was robbed> ?

    • Given my limited budget, I’d be pleased if Prof. Bainbridge would become this Robert Parker.

      rather than that one.

    • Oh, oh.  Carolyn is really going to be envious (Jack Cliente, too): Inmates to get access to computerized legal research (via TalkLeft). 

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