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October 2, 2004

on both sides of the fence

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small town
an old dog stops traffic
in both directions



on both sides of the fence
hospice gardens



by DeVar Dahl [recently elected president of Haiku Canada!]

“small town” – The Shiki Internet Haiku Salon

“poppies” – the shiki haiku prize 2000                                      

stop traffic from dagosan:


legs and back

forecast flu —

feet won’t listen


one-breath pundit  

  • Difficult Decisons: May it Please the Court gets serious about anticipating the death of loved ones —

    living wills, healing wounds and more.  Don’t put it off.

  • The recent murder of a Kansas social worker in the home of a client raises some important questions

    about protecting members of “helping professions.”  See Job Protection Sought for Social Workers 

    (AP/ABC News).   When doing “home visits” and interviews while representing children in Family

    Court, I often felt unsafe.  Our “training” for that role focused on the law, with a little on child

    psycholgy, but no instruction at all on personal safety and risk assessment.

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