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October 3, 2004

more wishful thinking

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Kerry’s team

needs a mantra:

“wishful thinking”



one-breath pundit  

  • How should John Kerry describe Pres. Bush’s leadership style?  “Delusional” is too rude. 

    “Faith-based” will turn off many voters.  I think “wishful thinking” is just about right —

    whether the subject is Iraq, tax cuts, education, drug discount plans, job growth, etc., etc.  


    • Do you want 4 more years of wishful thinking?

    • If George W. Bush were a CEO right now, would he expect his conract to be renewed?

  • I wish the media would stop acting surprised whenever liberal and conservative
    politicians agree on a topic.  Example Senators Clinton and Brownback on kids & tv.



the foul ball lands

in an empty seat

summer’s end

                                 – Modern Haiku 35.2 (Summer 2004)

                                   hon. mention, Robert Speiss Mem. Haiku Award 


journalist journalist f


traffic backed up
to the interstate

                      –  Heron’s Nest VI:7 (Aug. ’04)



no nap

no stroll

the writer grinding teeth


                                                [Oct. 3, 2004]



vote small  Finally, I wish everyone would get a smile from wearabledissent.com‘s 

Florida Electronic Ballot  (try voting for Kerry)

lawyers, and morons, and mangoes and more

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one-breath pundit

    • Maybe big city lawyers use this approach, but I’ve never seen an ad like this one 

      from Schenectady, NY, lawyer Charles J. Mango:

Your Child’s Most Important Lawyer 

   Will Be Your Child’s First Lawyer


       If Your Son or Daughter

      Has Been Arrested Call


              [518] 382-0203


 Caring For Your Kids Since 1982

Talk about preparing for your child’s future!  And, aiming high.


. . . .  purse snatcher


breathing in
shadows pass over
the mango tree

Graham Nunn, from A Zen Firecracker.




with a black eye    halo

around the moon



by George Swede from 

  • Am I too unforgiving?   The  NYS Appellate Division, Third Department, has suspended

    a lawyer for two years, who converted $117,000 in funds and engaged in a conflict of interest

    in his dealings with an estate.  The Court noted in mitigation that, besides repaying all converted

    sums, the attorney “has waived all legal fees and executor commissions for services rendered to

    the estate. “(Matter of Paul M. Whitaker, NYSlipOp 06822, Sept. 30, 2004).  Why not disbar him?

  • clown head f  A Pa. judge ruled this past week that Calling Lawyer a ‘Moron’ [Is] Not Defamatory (The Legal

    Intelligencer, 10-01-2004).  However, before lawyer Romolo Versaci of “so-called lawyer” fame gets too disheartened, it is only fair to say that Judge Gene D. Cohen didn’t say that it could never be defamation to call a

    lawyer a “moron” or an “idiot.”  The audience, the context, and the addressee surely must be taken into account.

    (thanks to Denise and Steve for the pointers).


foolish crow
do you think this first snow
is my fault?

translated by David G. Lanoue


  • By the way, if you’re interested in the ethics of alternative billing, see here and here.

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