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October 6, 2004

oh brother, too much politics

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Recently, this weblog has been highjacked by the rogue editor, politEsq.  Challenged last

night by our Vice President, we pledge to stand up to any such invasion of our space —

with pre-emptive strikes as needed – for at least the next four years.




Instead of politics, with the help of Master Issa and George Swede, let’s celebrate yesterday’s

surprise visit from my twin brother.  He’s already headed home to wife, kids and clients, after

groaning with me at the Vice Presidential debate and trying out my new futon. 


                                                                              (You can see the 3-year-old bow-tied duo by clicking here)        twins ties 



from Issa/ translated by David G. Lanoue

bamboo shoots–
big brothers, little brothers
grown so quick!

are those nightingales
identical voices!

sparrows at the gate–
the brothers’ first

(Brooks Books, 2000) 



waving goodbye

to the father       a clothesline

of children’s shirts




the open mouths

of my two sons     soundless

above the waves



cute waitress –

no protest

when we say we’re old


                                        [Oct. 6, 2004] 


one-breath pundit  

    • Out sick.  Still recovering from VDA (veep debate agita).

Haiku Middle Age

remember when you could read the fine print?

from Nest Heads by John Allen  UComics.com, Aug. 22, 2004)

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