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October 7, 2004

thud in the night

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leaf gray

  drowned moth

the wax hardens

    around it


         harvest moon

the thud of falling apples

          in the night



from Presents of Mind, haiku and illustrations by Jim Kacian

(Katsura/Red Moon Press, 1996).


waking too late

to see the dawn

– he pencils-in sunset

                                   [Oct. 7, 2004]


one-breath pundit  

    • The discussion at Evan Schaeffer’s weblog on Tort Reform leaves citizens with

      no financial or ideological stake scratching their heads.   How do we get enough

      good statistics — and good faith — to make good policy? 

    • At D&E, George Wallace wonders what Edwards meant about stopping frivolous suits.

    • Linking 20 times in one post to ethicalEsq, Constant’s pations recommends federalization

      of legal licensing and discipline.  That won’t ever happen, given the many fiefdoms involved,

      and it might make things worse.  Let’s start vigorously enforcing the rules already in place.

      • I have no idea what a pation is nor who Constant is.

    • Cybersquatting as political activism?  John Palfrey collects links to weblogs discussing the


leaf red

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