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October 13, 2004

too many words

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No, I’m not talking about John Kerry’s debate answers, the size of the Tax Code, or even

the myth of the 17-syllable haiku.  It’s f/k/a‘s own punditry, which lately has not even come

close to the one-breath promise made to ourselves and our readers.  Fighting my own proclivity

to prolixity will not be easy.  But, I’m going to try harder.  If you wanted wind-bag punditry, you’d

go elsewhere [links omitted to protect the guilty].


pickup g                                                                     

Let’s get back to priority #1 — good haiku.  Here are two from teacher-poet Tom Painting:


fallen leaves

the child in her

gives a kick



pickup truck

an old retriever

laps the wind




credits:  “fallen leaves: — The Heron’s Nest 5.9 (Sept. 2003)                                                     pickup gf

              “pickup truck” — The Heron’s Nest 5.5 (May 2003)



by dagosan:

holy-card clouds

leaf-peeper heaven

— even in New Jersey


                                              [Oct. 13, 2004]

one-breath pundit  

     leaves flying

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