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October 19, 2004

legal reform is still HALTing at best

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The legal reform group HALT just emailed its October eJournal and, as usual, it is filled with interesting material, and points to more.  For example:

You can find the very first HALT eJournal here, including a box to request the free monthly email edition.  There is a pull-down menu in the righthand margin of the HALT homepage for quick access to the Archived eJournal.

expect delays


swatting a fly
looking at
a mountain


they huff and puff
up the hill…
paper fans flitting

     Issa, translated by Prof. David G. Lanoue    scales rich poor

expert deposition

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On this chilly autumn morning, I’m in the mood for some work product from “Recovering lawyer”,

professor and poet Barry George:


expert deposition–
folding and unfolding
his surgeon’s hands

after the verdict
the tireless lawyer speaks
in falling snow 

first murder trial–
the D.A. arrives
in new gloves  



                                                                                                                                                                            checker red


the silent crew scull –

coach’s angry bullhorn          

                                        [Oct. 19, 2004] 



one-breath pundit

    • whose economy is it?  Another great post by Granny D over at Lessig’s place.  After

      enthusing, “I love this blog world–you make a general statement and then some people

      write a book for you about it.,” Granny opines on protectionism, Economists and “their

      hunchbacked evil blogger assistants.”


      spotlight  Fed84 has shone his bright light of truth on the Judge Bauer story we covered yesterday. Do not miss it. (How to keep your docket clearedTalkLeft has also featured Judge Bauer’s dis-benchment today.

MyShingle is wondering how any self-respecting young lawyer would accept a life of
humiliating grunt work as a “contract” lawyer for Big Law rather than solo practice.  I bet

there are a lot of sad stories (financial need, misguided dreams, etc.) behind the phenomenon.


Meanwhile, in Mad. County, Evan Schaeffer is wondering just How Abe Lincoln finds the time?

See our related post ATLA, Lincoln and Tort Reform.

                                                                                                                                                          FYI: you can find the sticker here

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