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October 22, 2004

getting welched

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As this consumer advocate mellows, he has discovered that being “welched”

can be a very pleasing experience:


twilight lingers . . .
from the wrecking yard
flash of a blowtorch



noon sun
picnic cheese


a table for one–

leaves rustle

in the inner courtyard


             click here for full photo and poem . . .  leaves rustle neg


credits:  “noon sun” – The Heron’s Nest

             “twilight lingers” –  The Heron’s Nest

            “a table for one” – Open Window

    • Etymology and political correctness both intrigue me.  Why does the American Heritage Dictionary 

      say “origin unknown” for the verb “welsh/welch“, but notes that the verb “gyp” is “Probably short for

      Gypsy,” and “jew” is “From Jews’ supposedly extortionate practices as moneylenders in the Middle Ages”?

    • It’s official, as we reported yesterday, the Florida Bar has notified the State’s Supreme Court that it will 

      petition for review of the 800-PIT-BULL case.)

    • medbag  Our weblog friend UCL has announced that he’s switching his vote to President Bush, because he now appreciates the need to be decisive.  Although UCL hasn’t persuaded me (decisively doing what is best for the wealthy and what you always wanted to do anyway, despite the facts — virtue or vice?), I’ll keep reading him — unlike a silly, anonymous Commentor, who supports Kerry and will now boycott UCL.

    • Not fun: kids getting welched out of Halloween — caving in to pressure from the wiccans and the religious.

       (Bainbridge sighs – myopically, of course)

first cold night–

smell of hot dust

from the vent


                           click here for full photo and poem from Michael D. Welch’s  Open Window first cold neg

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