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October 24, 2004

something to sing about

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No, not more lupine or aquiline presidential campaign ads, but more haiku from our Canadian friend,




car dealership

the tuneless whistle

of a salesman



a silent magpie

flies across the valley —

leafless willows

from “something to sing about”, pawEprint 58 (March 2003)



late October —

tv on

sound off

                                                     [Oct. 24, 2004]


one-breath pundit  

    • ketchup  Last night I was forwarded an email stating that Theresa Heinz Kerry’s “ownership” of Heinz corporations in scores of foreign nations would keep a President Kerry from stopping outsourcing. Snopes.com has the facts, plus well-reasoned arguments concerning the premise of the message.  One very important fact:

      “The Heinz family trust which Mrs. Kerry inherited sold most of its shares of Heinz stock back in 1995 and currently holds less than a 4% interest in the company.”

    • Maureen Dowd cooks everyone’s goose skewering the antics and ads of our presidential candidates.  (silly geese are everywhere!)

    • Although his opponent has campaigned strongly for tort reform, Barack Obama has still failed to explain

      his position on the issue.  Lord knows, we’ve tried to pry it out of him — here, here, there, and even there.  I’m disappointed and have to wonder if it has something to do with trial lawyer contributions, or the hope thereof, in the homestate of Madison County’s “judicial hellhole.”

    • As mentioned on this page this weekend, I can’t wait for the election to be a fait accompli.

    • Has anyone else noticed that Blawg Republics new format of “most linked” weblawgs is far less useful than its original hourly update of postings?  Now, the page is virtually unchanged for hours at a time, AND it shows items that are many days old (without even giving the date).  Couldn’t they at least show the newest posts from a subset of their directory — maybe the top 30 or 40 weblawgs?  Better yet, let’s urge them to return to the original format.

    • Prof. Steve Bainbridge can be a mensch:  He posted yesterday: “In his post Catholic Ireland, secular Ireland, William Sjostorm offers a thoughtful and detailed response to my post Running the World on Faith. I’m persuaded that I stand corrected. Well done.”

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