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November 1, 2004

along the sidewalk

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a dry leaf

scratches along the sidewalk

All Souls’ Day



the angle

of the fruit picker’s ladder

autumn light




Tom Painting, from the haiku chapbook piano practice                                             leaf red leaf gray

(Bottle Rocket Press, 2004)


by dagosan: 


at every door but mine —

bittersweet binge

                                       [Nov. 1, 2004]




one-breath pundit

    • Apparently forgetting St. Thomas Aquinas and just war theory, Professor Bainbridge rants that

      Helen Thomas is a “nut job” and “losing it” because Thomas writes that President Bush led us

      “to invade Iraq without provocation.”  [It’s fair to assume she meant “adequate provocation”.]  Once again, Prof. B’s politics seem to trump many of his better virtues and thought processes.

    • ooh  Walter Olson (with an “oh”) has a good rundown about California’s Unfair Competition Law, s. 17200, and the related Proposition 64.   Will lawyer-abuse leave consumers with less protection?

    • SoCalLawBlog spotlights Melanie Blum’s four-year sentence for robbing her clients (many of

      whom were victims of fertility clinic scandals).  “Four more years!”

    • Advantages to Living in a Very Blue State:  (1) very few presidential tv ads; (2) no carpet-

      baggers dragging me to the polls or phoning.

      Disadvantages:  (1) my vote taken for granted; (2) my vote could help create a losing majority.

    • p.s. (6PM):  Larry Lessig has an important post on whether we have a duty to try to explain our political choices to family and friends — and to try to change their minds.  I think: explain, yes; cajole, no.

    • p.p.s. (10PM): Remarkably undecided UCL has been remarkably quiet about his Presidential choice.  Will he remain both anonymous and mysterious after he votes?  Update (Nov. 2, 2004): UCL reports that he cast a “reluctant vote for Kerry.”  The very cogent reason: “[A]s I looked at that ballot form, I simply couldn’t convince myself to endorse the actions of a President who I feel, deep inside, failed to do due diligence before taking our nation to war, no matter how much I may admire his courage and decisiveness.”

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