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November 2, 2004

haiku from a non-battleground state of mind

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Alaska can stand in today for all the other electoral stepchildren.

Here’s a pair from Billie Wilson:


hawk flight 


November chill–

a barefoot man waits

for the northbound ferry




an avalanche roars

down Thybder Mountain–

first crocus



credits:  “an avalanche roars”  Haiku Headlines (April 2002)

            “November chill” —  World Haiku Review II:3


by dagosan (in ny): :


the leaves, her face

framed by gray —

autumn beauty

                                  [Nov. 2, 2004]                       



one-breath pundit

    • In a Comment to this post, Prof. Martin Grace has promised to change the unwieldy

      (hard to spell and type, too) name of his weblog — a tort et a travers– to RiskProf. 

      We applaud.  Now, maybe we can get Evan to ditch the parentheses and Matt to 

      ditch his brackets.  However, our slashes stay!

    • Ernie Svenson says: “we have gotten too intolerant of opposing political views.”  Yes.


it’s too late to vote early, but

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. . .  you can still vote burly, curly, girlie, hurl-y, surly or whirly.

However you do it, please do vote — and, once is enough.



checked box


the butterfly in a mad



hurry mist
hurry, hurry…
a bird set free


 Issa, translated by David G.                          


  • Doggerel Duty?  Check out the electoral double-dactyl at the Fool’s Forest.                                                                                                               

                                                                                                                                                                                              expect delays

urgent plea to the Ballot Bar: no frivolous lawsuits

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(Tell your client: you need facts and law and good faith)


                                       penny sm penny sm . . . what would Lincoln do?  how about Shakespeare?


p.s.  Click here for a page of rather well-done political haiku (actually, mostly senryu)

from Democrats Abroad/Japan:


p.p.s.  Wee-hours of election night post is here.

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