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November 3, 2004

four marred years?

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the day is long
the day is so long!


in life
there’s no second place…
defeated chrysanthemum

glimpsing the moon
over my home village…
also brings tears

(full-color original from John Aravosis at AmericaBlog)

his wife watched
the match…
defeated wrestler

the wrestler’s defeat
spreads a thousand miles

in poor soil
blooming courageously…
– all of the haiku above by Master Issatranslated by David G. Lanoue  
by dagosan:
election results —
next year’s Weekly Planner
                                            [Nov. 3, 2004]     

one-breath pundit  

  • To those who feel defeated: please don’t be bitter; be better, live your values.
    (that means politicians, too)  

  • Updates: Comments at TalkLeft offer early reactions — some despair, little hope.

  • Lessig: it’s over, let it go —  “Our criticism of this administration must now focus narrowly on
    policies, not on the credibility of the man.”  

  • No surpise: Bainbridge is gloating, while minimizing the evil of schadenfreude, and missing its
    resemblance to a number of the seven deadly sins.  (cf. Schadenfreude: the Outlaw Emotion
    Geez it’s fun being self-righteous!  Steve, is it addictive? 

  • 3 PM: President Bush gave a conciliatory victory speech.  Let’s hope he does earn the trust of us all. 

  • Dahlia Lithwick argues well that lawyers actually helped avoid problems in this election.   (via Fool-Forest)  

  • (7 PM) However, in her View from Boston segment, Margaret Warner of the PBS News Hour just reported that the lawyers in the Kerry camp strongly pressed this morning for immediately going into court in Ohio, not just to challenge the provisional votes, but to demand a full recount.  Not exactly the Lithwickian model.  Kerry rejected their Scorched Earth approach.      

  • Almost Midnight:  Your Editor stars to fumble his way toward a “democratic morality” and majority.

p.s. Happily Off-topic:  The American Antitrust Institute has posted a new Working Paper entitled The Federal Trade Commission and the Professions, by Prof. John Kwoka, which “focuses on the economics of the professions, concluding that competition yields major benefits to consumers in the form of lower prices, without adverse effects on quality.”  (AAI WP #04-04, Nov. 3, 2004)                    


      click here for M.D. Welch photo-poem  . . .     

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