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November 5, 2004

prime numbers and Cafeteria Conservatives

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“tree B&W small”   It’s been way too long since f/k/a featured Pamela Miller Ness.  

The latest issue of frogpond leapt into my mailbox this week, and contains three of

Pamela’s poems, which I am pleased to share with you:



birthday morning

he tells me that 53

is a prime number



winter night

a stranger in the laundromat

asks my name





decision time

tiny ripples

in the river


      a blue eggshell


          [linked verse written with Michael Dylan Welch]


froglegs  by Pamela Miller Ness, from frogpond XXVII:3 (Fall 2004)

credit: “winter night” –  haiku spirit 20



first November winds —

tear ducts leaking

again this year


                    [Nov. 5, 2004]


one-breath pundit  

    • Cafeteria Conservatives?  Annoyed by David Bernstein’s position that true libertarians

      would not embrace “traditional values” politics, Prof. Bainbridge notes that “I sometimes

      describe myself has having libertarian leanings, but at bottom I’m really more of mix of

      Catholic neoconservative and social conservative“.  Forgive me for asking whether Steve

      is like many other Cafeteria Conservatives and Buffet Libertarians — calling upon whatever

      creed will get them the laws they want, while precluding those they dislike.

    • Walter Olson is decrying the lack of high-tech communications options on American cars,

      blaming the lawyers and liability risks.  (NYC article) As, I suggested in the post Car XPC, more

      driver distractions — CarXPC being a full-blown dashboard Windows computer — is the last thing

      we need on America’s roads.  Maybe having trial lawyers ain’t such a bad thing.

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