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November 9, 2004

happy birthday to laurie

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Laurie Hyde Smith has more kinds of artistic talent than any five people should be
allowed to possess. But, it is her genuine caring (for people and pets and the planet)
that is her most prominent trait. That makes me grateful that she’s been a friend for
over three decades and grateful she has chosen to visit Earth while I’m around.

Happy Birthday, Laurie! I hope all is well in Laurie’s World (Corolla, NC).

laurie pelicans gray 2
by laurie h. smith see more

birthday sunrise–
no extra waves
in the ocean

Gary Hotham from The Heron’s Nest IV:3

[author of my favorite Breath Marks]

birthday morning

he tells me that 53

is a prime number



Pamela Miller Ness, from frogpond XXVII:3 (Fall 2004)

quarter note red Click here to hear a sample of Laurie’s song “Me and Willie,”

a bonus track on the remastered Luxury Liner album by Emmylou Harris.

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