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November 10, 2004

after the plumber

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The plumber finally came to stem a hot water leak in my bathroom.  Despite gray clouds,

things are looking up.  To celebrate, you get both George Swede and Alice Frampton today.


as the rain ends

once more the drip

of the tap


ocean sunset

he whispers something

and her earrings glow



leaf gray


last goodbye –
scent of his wool coat
deeper into my nose




morning snowflakes



“mammogram” – The Heron’s Nest 3:9; “last good-bye” – The Heron’s Nest Volume 4:2


by dagosan: 

even lovelier

naked —

backyard elms

                                       [Nov. 10, 2004]   


tiny check  Former Senator Gary Hart, who recently wrote The Fourth Power: A Grand Strategy for the United States in the Twenty-First Century had some wise words in an NYT op/ed piece this week, including:

Whether Bush supporters care or not, people around the world now see America as arrogant,

self-righteous and superior. These are not qualities of any traditional faith I am aware of. 


If faith now drives our politics, at the very least let’s make it a faith of inclusion, genuine compassion, humility, justice and accountability.

  • Law student and weblogger sarnia has guest-written an excellent piece at Legal Underground today on Effective Communication after the elections.  She suggests that respect and understanding work better than nastiness.  Sarnia raises the average thoughtfulness of student webloggers significantly.

  • Like Prof. Bainbridge and Paul Caron, I wonder just what the New Jersey Court administrators were thinkiing when they told jurists not to respond to USNews questionaires on law school rankings.  As Brian Leiter pointed out: this will simply penalize the New Jersey law schools, which are, presumably, rated more highly by New Jersey judges than judges in neighboring jurisdictions.dissuaded from participating.” Frequent visitors to this weblog already know the low esteem with which this Editor holds the organized bar in the Garden State.

  • Like Walter Olson and Lester Brickman, I ‘d like to see actual payouts in class action settlements like the Ameritech case discussed here tracked and made public.

katydid neg  Inadvertant Searchee update: in the past two weeks, querists have made the following search engine queries.  Click TISK! to find out how f/k/a fared in the results and how your Editor reacted — yes, there were lots of #1’s.



tiny check  Like ambulance-chaser jokes?  Click here.

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