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November 13, 2004

search me?

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Thanks to the Google Free folks, and the generous assistance of Harvard’s news librarian

Jessica Baumgart, you can finally search this website — for particular haiku poets, or the

oft-jaded opinions of ethicalEsq and Prof. Yabut, or anything else at this eclectic forum.



It’s time to celebrate, with a bit of introspective haiku from our favorite Alaskan,   crows small 


deepening snow–

she leaves our atlas open

to her homeland



choosing a melon–

a song so old

I forget why I cry



credits: “deepening snow” – Mariposa 9

“choosing a melon” – Frogpond XXV:3




by dagosan:

waving from the river bank

waving back


                         [Nov. 13, 2004]



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