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November 14, 2004

a better habit for Sunday morning

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. . . would be reading (or trying to write) haiku like these by ex-lawyer Barry George,

rather than listening to the tv talking heads, who just ignore questions and spout

their talking points.  [I just turned off my tv! It’s a start.]


pink begonias
the grey fall

fireplace n

wind chimes
sharper, clearer
after snow


cats at twilight–
I am the magician
filling their bowls



laughing alone

at the Sunday funnies

— both of us         





“this one goes on the ‘fridge” —

her Dagwood

pretends to nap

                           [Nov. 14, 2004] 



one-breath pundit

    • Does anyone really believe that one election in Afghanistan proves that democracy

      has “taken root” there? 

    • “If we want the voters to trust the umpires, we need umpires who don’t take
      sides.”  NYT editorial calls for election equipment and officials that are fair, open.

    • Walter has an interesting post about legal liability and Medicine by Phone.  . . . . . . medbag phone old 

    • Midterms over, Class Maledictorian concentrates on the vital issue of first date kisses.  I could have

      used her advice about 40 years ago, and 30, and 20, and 10, etc                                                        


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