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November 18, 2004

dagosan’s scrapbook – 2004 pt. 2

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– below are haiku and senryu written by “dagosan”, this weblog’s Editor, David A. Giacalone. most have been on the Home Page, some are outtakes and rewrites. each is a work in progress. i hope they show improvement over time and encourage others to try writing haiku –

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snow turns to rain –

our Buddha’s visit

cut short

[Dec. 31, 2004]

just enough snow

for a Buddha —

too much snow

[Dec. 31, 2004]

new snowman —
[Dec. 30, 2004]

children awash

in christmas gifts —

tsunami on tv

[Dec. 28, 2004]

coins inside the walnuts –


cracking a smile

[Dec. 27, 2004, for Grandpa Bart]

cross words over turkey

over parenting–

the Yule log burns

[Dec. 26, 2004]

a sleigh-shaped cloud

floats by –

Christmas morning blue sky

[Dec. 25, 2004]

Nana serves

Grandma’s recipes —

Christmas Eve calamari

[Dec. 24, 2004]

it’s about

the journey —

not today!

[Dec. 23, 2004]

two-hour backup —

just past the accident,

Christmas Eve rainbow

wrapping and


she pastes on a smile

[Dec. 22, 2004]

of course,

it’s coming back —

solstice clouds hide the sun

[Dec. 21, 2004]

married a decade

she hides

the mistletoe

married a decade

he buys

new mistletoe

[Dec. 20, 2004]


by the parking space stalker

— season’s greetings!

[Dec. 19, 2004]

wind chill zero —

outside the high school

not one jacket zipped

[Dec. 18, 2004]

3 am nature call–

the loud drip

of icicles

[Dec. 17, 2004]

her migraine

lingers –

nine (shopping) days ’til Christmas

[Dec. 16, 2004]

fogged window –

too cold

meets too hot

[Dec. 15, 2004]

winter wind

rattles the windows –

the fridge hums louder

[Dec. 14, 2004]

birthday phone call –

your triple bypass

trumps my bad knee

[Dec. 13, 2004]

waiting room –
the masked man
brings his own magazine
[Dec. 11, 2004]

eyelid lightshow —

he hits the snooze button

one more time

[Dec. 10, 2004]

can’t put a name

to a very pretty face –

birthday gift

[Dec. 7, 2004]

snowstorm begins –

got coffee

no half ‘n’ half

[Dec. 6, 2004]

Sunday morning


for one

a single


– hold the toast

Sunday evening

no shower

no shave

[Dec. 5, 2004]

two strawberry blondes

lean into the wind –

cattails lean with it

[Dec. 4, 2004]

snow falls

from a low gray sky –

she lifts the sauce pan lid

[Dec. 3, 2004]

a favorite tree

reflected in the river –

made me look again

[Dec. 2, 2004]

the river mirrors

the busy bridge –

one duck races the cars

[Dec. 1, 2004]

under nana’s afghan –
dreaming homemade
bread and meatballs
[Nov 30, 2004]

a mostly-cloudy sampler

of blues, grays and whites

— driving alone

[Nov 29, 2004]

finally touching
her face –  “are your fingers
always this cold?”
[Nov. 28, 2004]

the shower massage

finds her navel –

Buddha smile

[Nov 23, 2004]

rainy night drive —

squinting at glare

with dad’s eyes

[Nov 21, 2004]

clogged drain–

300-pound plumber

under the sink

[Nov.20, 2004]

sharing her flu –

the coffee

is bitter, too

[Nov. 19, 2004]

garbage can overflows —

skinny squirrel ignores

man and river

[Nov. 17, 2004]

sitting to meditate-

toilet and nose

start to run

[Nov. 15, 2004]

waving from the river bank

waving back


[Nov. 13, 2004]

first snowfall

no one knows how to drive

‘cept I

[Nov.12, 2004]

handful of pawns
protect the king –
Veterans Day
[Nov.11, 2004

even lovelier


backyard elm

[Nov. 10, 2004]

almost sunset –

<span style="f

silent magpies

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dry leaves

trapped in the spokes

grandpa’s bike

bike sketch


a silent magpie

flies across the valley

leafless willows



  DeVar Dahl from A Piece of Egg Shell, an anthology by Calgary-Canada-based                                             

haiku poets (Magpie Haiku Poets, 2004, email cover art by Ken Richardson 

credits: “dry leaves” – Between the Clouds, Red Iron Press, 2003


bathtub’s ready —

the frozen turkey

and I

                                       [Nov. 18, 2004]


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    • Prof. Yabut wants to write a welcome-back haiku, but haikuEsq won’t let him.

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