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November 22, 2004

please eschew thoroughly

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There are quite a few meaty topics to masticate at my favorite weblogs:      eschew



Eschewing Obfuscation 


tiny check  Multi-linking Networkian extraordinaire J. Craig Williams scolds judges for using

arcane and darnright obscurant language in their opinions.  Craig’s research diligence

reaches supernumerary levels in this posting. [Harvey Keitel and Abe Vigoda learn the

meaning of supernumerary in their super-silly-ously entertaining film Crime Spree.]


tiny check Plain-speaking Jerry Lawson joins in the plea of James Robertson and Cindy Chick

that KM jargon be avoided when “pitching KM implementation.”  Jerry earned our gratitude last

year by observing that “the word blog makes this powerful new form of Internet communication

seem trivial.” Jargonophobes of the world unite!


Eschewing Expert Deception


LegalReader points to a new case out of Massachusetts that should delight Ted and       honest flip 

Walter, while pleasing ethicalEsq, too (from LexisOne): —

Court Issues $20,000 Judgment Against Expert Witness; Neurologist Misled Jurors
A Massachusetts General Hospital neurologist has been ordered to pay more than $20,000

in legal fees after a judge in Lawence ruled this week that he deliberately misled a jury in a

malpractice case, forcing her to order a new trial.
by Scott Allen, The Boston Globe


Eschewing Weblog Sell-Outs


I f you missed Billmon‘s LA Times op/ed piece on Sept. 26, 2004, Blogging Sells, and Sells Out, you can

find excerpts at netlawblog, decrying “glorified billboards” and “sponsored blogs.”  Jerry Lawson asks: 

“Does the future really look as bleak as this? Sellouts will always be with us, but one of the beauties of

blogging is that it gives the authentic, honest voices, who will also always be with us, a chance to be heard.”  


thorns  Not Eschewing Enough 


1). Malaprops and Misnomers:   Today, Bill Gratsch at Blawg.org mentions the new Law.com weblog network

and says “it appears they have randomly selected seven blawgs covering a fairly wide range of subjects.”  Since

Bill has seen close-up the varying quality among weblawgs, he surely must know that Law.com could not have

possibly chosen these eight quality weblogs randomly  — they are the wheat, not the chaff.    Dictionaries: use ’em,

don’t abuse ’em!


2) Self-flaggelation based on megablogimania:  The admirable Jim Moore ruminates today on the lack

of blog success in achieving political and social-humanitarian goals.  I want to humbly suggest that Jim expects

far too much from weblog technology.  It is merely a means of communication.  Having this technology has not

changed human nature, increased altruism, nor alterred significantly the sources of power on this planet.  (see our post)



first frost

only a dead fly

in the mailbox



abandoned factory

a cloud rests

on the smokestack


by dagosan:

faithful husband

enjoying egg salad —

every day
                                    [Nov 22, 2004] 


                                                             — you can find the eschew obfuscation bumper sticker here at cafepress.com

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