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November 23, 2004

backed up to the interstate

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I hope all my weblog visitors and friends have a joyful holiday and safe,

pleasant trips to your destinations.  Because I won’t be getting to my

hometown, Rochester, NY, for Thanksgiving, I’m going to bring a bit

of Rochester to you and f/k/a, with an encore of some of my very favorite

haiku from Tom Painting.


leaf gray

pickup truck

an old retriever

laps the wind


fallen leaves

the child in her

gives a kick



autumn light

I lower the window

cover my child’s feet



yesterday’s puddle

brittle under my boot




traffic backed up
to the interstate

leaf gray flip

credits:  “autumn light” and “November” – from piano practice 

            “fallen leaves: — The Heron’s Nest V.9 (Sept. 2003)

            “pickup truck” — The Heron’s Nest V.5 (May 2003)

             “Gettysburg” – The Heron’s Nest  VI:7 (Aug. ’04) 

by dagosan:

the shower massage

finds her navel –

Buddha smile                                



she washes

his bellybutton –

innie peace
                                    [Nov 23, 2004] 

   I may not like the Law.com Blog Network ads, but I am enjoying the roundup of Network

postings in Lisa Stone’s Legal Blog Watch.  The Networkians all have goodies worth reading



   Lots of others who are bigger sports fans than I have covered the Pistons courtside riot that

occurred last Friday. [e.g., Juan non-V]  Almost as bad as the behavior of the players and the fans

was the statement by the Pistons’ Coach after the game, in which he said that lots of people had “made mistakes.”  “Mistakes happen” in math and underwear.  Grown men choosing to misbehave is not a

not a mistake; it is very often a crime or a tort.

that flippin’ flipping rolodex – a nag for the Scold

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Welcome to the weblawg community, Monica Bay and The Common Scold!  I’m looking forward to

your curmudgeonly take on legal technology and management issues (and the Yankees).   However, I clicked right over, when I saw Bob Ambrogi’s pointer to your weblog — only to be assaulted visually

and aesthetically by that [expletive deleted] Flipping Rolodex, whose sponsor I have not yet discerned.

Will one of Law.com‘s visitors have to go into epileptic fits before that darn ad is cancelled?  (see our prior post)  That being said, best wishes, Monica.


the gossip

her yard fills

with leaves


            Tom Painting

ooh flip  The ‘Lectric Law Library Lexicon has this to say about the term Common Scold


COMMON SCOLD – Obs. A woman who, in consequence of her boisterous,

disorderly and quarrelsome tongue, is a public nuisance to the neighborhood.

Such a woman may be indicted, and on conviction, punished. At common law,

the punishment was by being placed in a certain engine of correction called the

trebucket or cocking stool.

This punishment was abolished in Pennsylvania where the offence is now punished

by fine and imprisonment.


Would it be too cruel to subject a Scold to that Rolodex?


update (5 PM): Monica has emailed me to say the offending Rolodex ad (which is by SBC) does

not appear when she goes to her webpage and she’s never seen the ad (which has been all over

Law.com sites for quite awhile).  Every time I click on Monica’s weblog, I get flipped.  Life is unfair.



world of man–
even raking leaves
brings a scolding

                       Kobayashi ISSA

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