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November 26, 2004

a hearse and a grinch

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blowing leaves . . . 
the shiny hearse
turns the corner




mountain spring–
in my cupped hand
pine needles


. . . .  from Open Window: haiku and photographs by Michael Dylan Welch 





by dagosan:





Black Friday –
out shopping
for stretch-waist jeans





   Mike at Crime & Federalism states that “unlike the left, we Federalists are diverse.” Since no ideology  can have an answer for every problem, thoughtful persons often escape the confines of ideo-labels.   

— and, of course, so do practitioners of hypocrisy and “cafeteria” expediency.   And, Mike:
– Lefties come in different flavors, too, even if some — as in every cult — only spout one brand of orthodoxy.


– Sometimes, government action actually preserves individual liberty.  At other times, it helps ensure that individuals don’t use liberty to harm other people.  No mantra has all the answers.  

tiny check  If the hearse haiku above seemed too dismal, I suggest reading The Hearse You Came in On, the
first novel in Tim Cockey’s enjoyable series featuring Hitchcock Sewell, undertaker and reluctant sleuth.
red check smaller  Traditional GrinchEsq Musing:  In a country where you don’t have to wait for some guy on a camel or donkey to arrive to have a shopping day; and where almost everybody already owns too many things; why do we have a “Holiday Shopping Season” kicked off by a ridiculous stampede, and then give so many and such expensive gifts on a day meant to celebrate a saviour, or love, or one’s heritage?


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