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November 29, 2004

mass. lawyers still looking out for #1

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Two of the biggest lawyer groups in Massachusetts are “challenging a ruling that allows judges in Hampden County

to force attorneys to represent the poor in criminal cases.”  This is one more episode in a consitutional crisis that began when assigned counsel for indigent criminal defendants (called “bar advocates”), started illegal group boycotts in July seeking higher fees.  (AP/Boston Herald, Legal groups challenge judges’ right to force them to take cases,  Nov. 29, 2004)


jailbird neg   The Massachusetts bar advocates are continuing to put their own financial interests above the law, their ethical duties and the needs of their clientele:  — click here to read this entire post and here for a summary of the Editor’s argument that the boycotts are illegal and unethical violations of the antitrust law



the mountain moon              
gives the blossom thief


in the misty day
no window can be seen…
a prison

– haiku of Kobayashi ISSA, translated by D.G. Lanoue

windowless office

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autumn day

the empty pillow

glows white



windowless office

a fly buzzes against

my glasses



leaves flying


autumn evening

also nowhere to go

skittering leaf



(Brooks Books, 2000) 



by dagosan:

a mostly-cloudy sampler

of blues, grays and whites

— driving alone

                                       [Nov 29, 2004]

one-breath pundit  

    • Patience Pays and Saves:  NYT reports that prices for flat-panel TVs will fall greatly

      throughout 2005.   But, “We do not want to talk about predictions of price drops,”

      said Lee Simonson, the director of Best Buy’s television division. “We want people to buy now.”

    •  Carolyn Elefant has Commented thoughtfully on our disagreement over mandatory
      pro bono and solos.  At MyShingle today, however, we learn that — while opposing

      mandatory pro bono — she favors forcing “each senior lawyer to train a fixed number of

      junior lawyers” and paying the junior lawyers, to help them establish solo firms.   Go figure.

    • AntitrustProf Blog discusses the possible impact of Raich v. Ashcroft, the interstate wine-

      selling case on antitrust law.   We note that the Mass. Bar Advocates have been arguing

      their group boycott can’t violate federal antitrust law because it has no impact on interstate

      commerce.  Raich could help settle that issue.  And, see Kerr and Fed84 on NYT and federalism.

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