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December 1, 2004

tears for the mendicant professor

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Other than pointing to my recent post on employed weblawggers who beg, I shall

offer no comment on today’s posting by the otherwise bon vivant Steve Bainbridge:

Pledge Break


The computer in my home office is dying a lingering death and I’m

going to have to order a replacement this week. So if you’ve been

thinking about hitting the tip jar in the left sidebar, now would be a

very opportune moment to do so. And I thank you.

laughing man small  Well, okay, maybe three questions: (1) will we at least get some special

programming, like they do during PBS pledge week? (2) what the heck will Steve do when

a good old California earthquake or forest fire strikes his home? and (3) to restore my faith in

macho neo-cons and libertarians, could someone please convince me that Prof. B is doing this

tongue-in-cheek as a caricature of the early alms-seeking denizens of weblog world?



begging actors–
even the horse’s ass
gets a blessing


begging at my gate
the geese lose


Kobayashi Issa, translated by D.G.Lanoue                                                                                                               ooh



p.s. Really Inadvertent or Nice Coincidence?  I just learned from my Referer List that this

weblog had the #2 result, out of about 5 million, for the Google search why do women

like big ones>.  Our posting do ads subtract? big ones sure do! got the listing.  Click here

for more Inadvertent Searchee fun.

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