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December 9, 2004

a toast to my wombmate

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Happy Birthday to my brother-twin, Arthur J. Giacalone, who is (yikes) fifty-five years old today.  55 limit 

Best wishes always to my first friend!   Being a twin does not always mean harmony, but it certainly 

does mean having a safety net of care and understanding.  As the decades go by, I find myself

missing my brother’s physical presence more and more — email and phone calls and quick holiday

visits among throngs of family members aren’t enough.  Arthur lives about 300 miles away. (And, yes,

dear reader, it is strange watching your twin grow older.  So far, he’s doing it gracefully.)




twins’ birthday –

two cakes

hundreds of miles apart





fall twilight–

my brother going out



                      Barry George             bocci

                              from A New Resonance 2    



rootbound path

years ago it showed

how nimble I was


                          George Swede

                            from Almost Unseen: Selected Haiku of George Swede 



tiny check  Humble and smiling thanks to my Pasadena friend

 George Wallace , who took up my dare on his Dec. 6 birthday

with a reciprocal birthday double-dactyl of his own, with wishes

for my twin Arthur, and all the f/k/a alter egos, too:

To a One-Breath Pundit and Bard of the Bar

Annually, annually,
David the Ethical
(and his twin brother) more
Elderly grow.

Haiku sustains him, and
Weblogging Fools wish him
Well, with a Hey-nonny,
Hey-nonny noh!


tiny check  That’s it.  No ethics, law or politics.  Just the important

stuff today.

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