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December 10, 2004

foer reviews five

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Bert Foer, President of the American Antitrust Institute, makes your holiday gift shopping easier — and

may improve your understanding of policy issues involving markets, competition, and corporate structure

 — with a holiday book review posted today that covers the following books:

Foer sets up the review with this introduction:

“Markets and governments have been with us throughout history, but our notions of how these two

featured instruments of civilization should interact are constantly changing. Five recent books throw

light on current thinking about the nature of firms and markets and the appropriate role for government,

particularly with respect to government’s paradoxical antitrust role as the middle way protector of

competition, the principal alternative to a heavy-handed regime of economic regulation or its opposite,

laissez faire capitalism. The microeconomic paradigm known as the Chicago School (or what Joseph

Stiglitz in the international context calls “the Washington Consensus”) has controlled federal antitrust

policy since the election of Ronald Reagan. The paradigm is flawed, but its successor has not yet



at the market
with all his might
firefly flits

                ISSA, translated by D. Lanoue                                                                                                             watch step sign 

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