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December 14, 2004

deck the hall

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The haiku of Carolyn Hall need no decoration, and we are most pleased      joy neg

that they will be frequently adorning this weblog starting today.  Although

she first became aquainted with haiku five years ago, Carolyn has been winning

so many haiku awards (e.g., from Heron’s Nest) that we can’t possibly list

them all.   You can read almost any fine haiku journal and find examples

of her work and honors (i.e., frogpond).


I’ll let Carolyn introduce herself, and then start with a trio of her haiku, which

the editors of Red Moon Press say “delivers to the reader a sense of comfort

sought and, ultimately, found.”

Carolyn says: “Originally a Minnesota girl, I have lived in San Francisco

since the early 60s. After a checkered career that included stints in histology,

mutual funds, advertising and child-rearing, I finally quit my day job as a

graphic designer and copy editor in order to take up creative writing, especially

memoir and short fiction. Five years ago a friend introduced me to haiku, and I

became totally addicted to the heightened sense of awareness haiku brought

to my life – an addiction I have no desire to break.”


(Red Moon Press, 2001)


spilt milk

spreading along the grout lines

morning chill


first night home from college

click of the latch

on her bedroom door


hand in hand–

how slowly

the creek meanders



credits” “spilt milk” – Heron’s Nest 11:5

           “hand in hand” – Modern Haiku XXXI:2


  • by dagosan (humbler than ever following Carolyn)

winter wind

rattles the windows –

the fridge hums louder


                                   [Dec. 14, 2004]


one-breath pundit

  • I had a number of  barbed blurbs for this morning, but I don’t want to ruin the
    joy of Carolyn Hall joining our Honored Guests.  In the spirit of this gift-giving

    season, however, I will note again that the medicant professor is still seeking

    your charity (and offering authographed [overstocked?] books). 

  • Well, I can’t resist one question:  Is this tale a good example of the blessings    crusade ship flip

    we can all expect from faith-based law schools and legal theory? [prior skepticism]


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