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December 17, 2004

can’t go cold turkey

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. . . from Hotham’s haiku.*  Here’s another pair from haijin Gary Hotham:




waiting up–

one hand warms

the other

pelicans gray




their last sound

before we move on–

the geese outdistance us



(Canon Press, 1999)



* Ed. Note: I sure hope my puns are not accruing a Comic Karmic Debt.

They might just get me kicked out of the Haiku Society.



3 am nature call–

the loud drip

of icicles

                                   [Dec. 17, 2004]

one-breath pundit  

As they have done in several other states, the FTC and the Antitrust Division of DOJ submitted a joint 

advocacy letter yesterday urging the Mass. Bar Ass’n “to narrow substantially or reject a proposal by

the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court that would unnecessarily reduce or eliminate competition

between nonlawyers and lawyers to provide many services [by broadening the definition of ‘the practice

of law’]. The FTC and the Department said that the proposal likely would lead to higher prices and a reduction

in competitive choices for consumers.”  (FTC Press Release) (AP/Boston Herald article “Justice Department

denounces effort to limit legal competition,” Dec. 16, 2004)  ethicalEsq treated this topic often, and a summary

can be found here.


  Michael Cernovich at Crime & Federalism seems to be having a hormone overload, as he ‘roid  at bat neg

rages against the ban on anabolic androgenic steroids in baseball and elsewhere.  Your Editor supplied a Comment

to offer a little balance.


  Orin Kerr, over at VC, wonders whether federalism and tort reform and whether conservative tort reformers 

are being inconsistent.  He’s enabled comments, so let Orin know.  I continue to believe that federalism is

invoked by all sorts of folks when it suits their political needs and ignored otherwise.


  Congratulation to my old colleague-friend John H. Seesel, who was appointed to the new Federal Trade

Commission position of Energy Counsel.  He will play a key role in reviewing and making recommendations

on the Commission’s energy-related work, including investigations and cases, legislative initiatives, advocacy

comments, and studies and reports.


  Having had homicidal (and suicidal) ideation while in bank and supermarket lines next to cellphone-yakkers,

I can only empathize with the dread felt by Prof. B. (“the horror”) and Larry Ribstein (“let the nightmare begin”)

about being stuck between such folks on airplanes.  I would not want to let the marketplace work this one out —

although many passengers would opt for airlines banning the use while in flight, too often, passengers do not

have a choice of airlines for a particular trip.  How about having phoning and non-phoning sections?  Naw, ban ’em!

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