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December 24, 2004

the day before the Holiday a/k/a Christmas

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three haiku for december 24th by our haiku friend Pamela Miller Ness



Christmas eve

in the courtyard below

a flutter of wings




Christmas eve

the carousel animals

all motionless



Christmas eve-
the row of cut trees
no one took home



“Christmas eve courtyard” –  from the haiku sequence “Can Collector’s Red Socks” (2003)

“Christmas eve carousel” “Christmas eve trees” – Modern Haiku XXIX: 2 (Summer 1998)





by dagosan:

Nana serves

Grandma’s recipes —

Christmas Eve calamari    

                                                        [Dec. 24, 2004]       



    • Who’s the Scrooge? the person upset over being greeted with

      a heartfelt “Happy Holidays” or the greeter wanting to bless

      Americans of all religious persuasions.  Easy answer for us.

    • Which reminds me:  In a nation that mostly refers to its Independence Day

      as “Fourth of July,” and now lets Lincoln and Washington share a “Presidents’

      Day,” why do so many people worry about what our greatest annual celebration

      is called publically?  I bet Jesus Christ cares more about the spirit of love and

      community than what we call his arbitrary “birthday.”

    • Whatever you call it, please have a joyous Holiday — with love, sharing, caring.


santaList  Naughty or nice, we all deserve a bonus pair of Gary Hotham haiku:



in a paper cup–

a long way from home




the way back–

every star the naked eye

can see


(Canon Press, 1999)



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