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December 26, 2004

dec. 26, adjusting a pout

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sleet against the window

at last mother threads

the needle

on the bus

the teenager pulls out a mirror

and adjusts her pout





the frozen breaths

of the carolers   disappearing

among the stars




by dagosan:  

cross words over turkey

over parenting–

the Yule log burns

                              [Dec. 26, 2004]


   Despite his unusual momentary lack of insight — saying “I’ve turned down

the opportunity to make having gone to law school make sense” — Jeremy Blachman,

 a/k/a The Anonymous Lawyer, did not waste his time going to law school .  Traditionally,

law school was a great springboard for nonlegal careers — including lives in the literary arts.  

If it takes going to law school to know you don’t want to be a lawyer, following that learned

bit of insight is a pretty good deal, compared to continuing on without commitment or fulfillment. 

It’s undeniable that many writing opportunities will come JB’s way (even without today’s New York Times spread).  Even if Jeremy only spends a fraction of his writing career focusing on the legal profession,

his knowledge of its brain and soul will be invaluable to our society.

galaxy  George Wallace has a photo of a twirling galaxy as his Christmas post.  Nice.


tiny check  He’s tenured and temperate!  He’s academic and acidfree.  He’s gifted and gracious.   Who else   “prof grace”

could he be but Santa Martin, Prof. Grace — the RiskProf.  No, Martin didn’t pay me too say this, nor

send a Generic Holiday Gift.  But, he did let your prolix Editor keep his one-breath punditry promise, by

allowing me to Guest-Post at the weblog f/k/a “a tort et a travers.”  So, please check out “Vioxx Millions Redux: the website f/k/a Vioxx Millions.”  [Now, if we could just get him to keep that extra “o” out of “Giacolone” and

keep it in “Olson” where it belongs, Martin would be Prof. Perfect — just ask the RiskSpouse.]

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