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December 29, 2004

52nd week blues?

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only crumbs

on the Christmas platter —

in bed, alone

                     dagosan  [dec. 30, 2004]



Got the mid-holiday doldrums?  If you believe that misery loves company,   kinky dvd

you’ll love the company of America’s favorite ex-country-rocker, mystery-writer

raconteur Kinky Friedman:


“The period between Christmas and New Year’s can be a rather lonely

time for those of us married to the wind.  Old people living alone tend

to leap from their top-floor balconies in greatly incresed numbers,

sometimes taking until Purim to hit the pavement.  Young people who

feel alone see the holiday season as a pretty good time to end it all before

it begins.  They hang themselves while listening to albums by Whitesnake,

overdose on St. Joseph’s baby aspirin, or just wander away, having always

dreamed of someday seeing themselves on milk cartons.”


Kinky Friedman, from Musical Chairs, as excerpted in the unique 

by Mike McGovern (1999). 



New Year’s kite–
out of green leaves
then back in

New Year’s pine decoration–
alone, listening
to the night rain


no one to give
New Year’s presents to…
little hut

Kobayashi Issa translated by David G. Lanoue 

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more paul m, less polemics in 2005

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. . . a resolution I plan to keep.


first light

a grouse stepping

around snow


first blossoms

my cell phone

set to vibrate


paul m.                                                                                                            fireplace

credits:  “first light” – from A New Resonance 2: Emerging Voices; Snapshots

“first blossoms” from Walking the Same Path; Heron’s Nest VI:4


back home with

new Christmas memories —

and mom’s flu 

                                               [Dec. 29, 2004]

Ana1984   one-breath pundit  

  • Congratulations to the residents of Morrow County, Ohio, who have just hired Ana Colon Aebi   Ana2004

    mi amiga esplendida — as their newest magistrate.  In a remarkably diverse career over the

    past quarter century, Ana has proven that a “lady lawyer” can do anything her male colleagues

    can do — not just better, but with more style.  Best wishes, Anita, in this newest chapter!

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