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January 17, 2005

too cold to march?

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city park

the stone hero’s dark side

hides a drug deal



score tied

both team jerseys look the same

in the August twilight


grandfather’s old boots

       I take them

for a walk





from dagosan: 

the detective

snaps her notebook shut —

blind witnesses



mlk, jr., day —

too cold

to march?

                                                    [Jan. 17, 2005]


“tinyredcheck” Martin Luther King, Jr.’s legacy has many aspects.  His hope for a color-blind

and truly integrated America truly inspires me.  But, I want to point out the

courage it took to take the stances he took, when and where he took them. 

Rev. King understood — unlike many who claim to be engaged in civil disobedience

today (see our post) —  that Civil Disobedience entails “Risking punishment, such as

violent retaliatory acts or imprisonment” in an attempt to bring about changes in the

law.”  And, unlike those “slacktivists” who feel self-righteous making meaningless

gestures Rev. King knew that meaningful change takes a lifelong commitment of time

and energy and sacrifice. 


                                                                                                                                          handshake mf


tiny check  If you want to see how inane the Not a Damn Dime Day campaign

is, check out this Flyer for Retailers, which wants participants to list what they

would have purchased on Jan. 20th, and the amount that would have been sent,

and then states:

“Unfortunately, since I am a Democrat and I protest Bush’s war policy,
I will not be purchasing these products today. I just thought you
would like to know how much money I would normally have contributed
to your company.”

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