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January 18, 2005

exercise in a bottle

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summer wind–

a dragonfly grips

the clothespin


prostate exam

the doctor and I

trade jabs


her estate


the children



loose thread small  W.F. Owen from The Loose Thread: The Red Moon Anthology 2001 

(edited by by Jim Kacian, et al.) credits: her estate” – Modern Haiku XXXII:1;

“prostate exam” – HSA Brady Contest 2001; “summer wind” – Agniewska’s Dowry 12





from dagosan: 

zero degrees

looks just like thirty —

no strollers on the street

                                                   [Jan. 18, 2005]


 If you’re one of the poor souls (and bodies) who purchased “Exercise in a Bottle” or “Fat               “Buddha”

Trapper Plus,” you may have noticed they don’t work as advertised.  Well, the Federal Trade Com’n has come down heavy on the sellers at Enforma Natural Products, Inc. . (see press release, Jan. 18, 2005) If, like your Editor, you’ve got some holiday leftovers that need to be shed, you might first want to read the FTC’s Project Waistline: Amazing Claims page.


tiny check  While reading about Exercise in a Bottle, I came across one of my long-standing

pet peeves, which is exemplified by this statement accompanying the FTC consent settlement:

NOTE: Stipulated final orders are for settlement purposes only and do not constitute

an admission by the defendants or respondents of a law violation.

I’m sorry, but I’d like to see admissions of law violation in consent decrees.

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