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January 19, 2005

he patiently untangles

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I’m too anxious to share the haiku of our newest Honored Guest Poet, Peggy Willis Lyles, to write a proper introduction (which will come tomorrow).  See for yourself why:


bitter wind . . .
the hand that cups the flame

snowed in
the wedding-ring quilt
lumpy with children

winter night
he patiently untangles
her antique silver chain


dress by dress
the story of her life
day lilies close

LylesRain . . . Peggy Lyles from To Hear the Rain (Brooks Books, 2002)

one-breath pundit — two updates —

Remember Romolo Versaci, the Schenectady lawyer suing an unemployed widow-mother
for referring to him as a “so-called attorney” on a local website? [see our story] I was
wondering just this weekend whether he had dropped his $100,000 defamation suit. Well,
this morning, Pat Zollinger, the Administrator of the local talkboard website, where the
comment was made announced “Well it happened. I’ve been subpoenaed to appear for
this lawsuit in March.” [reply 38] How Romolo’s reputation doing so far?

tiny check Local Watchdogs Save Stray Dogs: We complained on Saturday about the cynical dog2
Town Supervisor who changed the Guilderland (NY) Pet Shelter from a “no kill” to a “kill”
facility right after volunteers finished a $100,000 donation drive to renovate the Shelter.
I’m pleased to say that dozens of residents went out on a near-zero night yesterday and
“after much public outcry, the town supervisor and board members of the Guilderhaven Pet
Shelter have come to a new agreement. … Supervisor Kenneth Runion said, ‘It gives the dogs
the training they need to become good household pets, and it ensures if they can’t be made
good family household pets, they’ll be put somewhere that is safe’.” Thanks to those who
cared enough to take action. (“New policy for local animal shelter,” Capital News 9, 1/19/05)

from dagosan:

holiday leftovers —
searching the closet
for baggy clothes

[January 19, 2005]

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