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January 26, 2005

where’s home?

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new home
our footsteps find the grass
beneath the snow



fistful of sand
the milky way stretching
to where my wife lives



dwindling light
my childhood home
a parking lot



credits: “new home” (Editors’ Choice, Feb. 2003); “fistful of sand(Dec. 2003);

dwindling light” (May 2003)




by dagosan:  


vacancy sign flickers —

the smiling bum finds

a heated grate



thin ice

we dance


                                                                     [Jan. 26, 2005]



one-breath pundit

“snowflakeSN” The third post made to this weblog asked the question Is a Legal Fee Ever Too Big?,

in which we decried the reluctance of courts, bar counsel, and attorneys in general

to declare a contingency fee unreasonable.  We’re pleased to see that the 2nd Circuit

rejected the request of class counsel in the Visa/Master Card Debit-Card Antitrust

case for a $609 million fee — confirming the lower court’s award of $220 million.

(decision, Wal-mart v. Visa,  Jan. 4, 2005; Daily Sun article; Overlawyered post).  Find

more of my coverage at C&F.  Here are some quick comments:

  • The Profile page of class counsel, Constantine & Partners, states “The                iceSkatesG

    firm’s billing rates and total fees are typically significantly less than those

    charged by larger firms.” (Ed. refrains from using smirk emoticon.)

  • The Daily Sun article has some great quotes from the District Court opinion

    and the parties.  N.B. Prof. Lester Brickman’s apt comments on the purchased

    ethical opinions of Professors Miller, Coffee and First on behalf of class counsel. 

  • The Appeals Court noted the hard, long, excellent work of class counsel, but

    correctly emphasized “preserving as much as possible for those who were harmed.”

  • As one of the consumers who can no longer use his debit card at Wal-Mart, I’m

    not all that thrilled at the injunctive relief in this case.

quoteMarksLS  Use Those Quote Marks, Searchers.  Despite our frequent status as an Inadvertent Searchee,

we still marvel that this weblog was the #6 result out of about 41 million in an MSN search for

but if he or she is reading this, please consider using quotation marks:  
yielded only 25,000 results for you to sift through, and save you all of the results that include “F**k”. 


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